The primary goal of A. L. Franks Engineering is to provide each client with a quality engineering service that results in projects that meets the clients needs and expectations and is delivered on time and within the budget. The ability of any professional service organization to provide its clients with quality and timely performance is dependent upon the firm's management, the number of personnel available, and the qualifications of the personnel. The management of A. L. Franks Engineering is committed to the satisfaction of our clients and providing a professional service that will keep those clients returning for future projects.

The number of projects currently under design and construction and those completed along with the number of repeat clients is the best indication of any firm's reputation for completing projects within the time and budget. We invite you to contact any of the Owner/Client or references listed to inquire about A. L. Franks Engineering personnel.

A. L. Franks Engineering is committed to performing quality planning and engineering services to the firm's clients. Each step of the planning/design process including calculations, computer runs, preliminary reports, plan sheets, and specifications is thoroughly checked by a registered professional engineer.

The commitment to adhering to a quality control plan for project planning and design is indicative of the firm's policy of providing the highest quality engineering services.


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