"Someone you can always trust. Hard work to the end. At  A.L. Franks you are not just a client, you're a friend."
Parnell Vann
City of Magnolia— Mayor



"As Mayor, I have worked with a few different engineering companies for the City of Lockesburg, and never had the results like working with A.L. Franks Engineering. Andy has been great to work with and has exceeded our expectations to get our City funding for our water, wastewater, and sidewalk projects."
Danny Ruth
City of Lockesburg — Mayor


"When faced with an opportunity to obtain much needed funding via the ARRA program for our water meter replacement project we quickly realized the task of preparing the project documentation in the allotted time would be a challenge too large for our staffing. We selected A.L. Franks Engineering to partner with us and the process was completed on schedule with the end result meeting our expectation(s). The effort was essentially seamless. To date, this partnership has proven to be very beneficial to us and given the same situation again, we would make the same decision, A.L. Franks has performed as required to implement this very large effort."
Larry Merriman
City of Hot Springs — Utility Administrator


"Al. Franks Engineering has been an outstanding resource for us in managing both our short and long term objectives. In 2009, Andy and his team prepared a Water Treatment and Distribution System Master Plan that will support us in managing our system, as well as helping us with projecting and allocating capital expenditures over the next 20 years. We are very satisfied with our relationship with A.L. Franks Engineering and will continue to rely on them as a trusted partner for our business."
Gene Hill, President
Shumaker Public Service Corporation


"I have worked with few Engineering Firms during my tenure in the water and wastewater field, and I have found A.L.Franks Engineering, Inc. to be one of the best in their profession. A.L.Franks Engineering, Inc. is a very proficient and knowledgeable Engineer Firm. They are up to date on the latest and most recent technology. They treat all their clients with same curtsies and professionalism no matter how small or large the client may be. A.L. Franks Engineering, Inc. provides Camden Water Utilities with the professional and personal service that we have come to expect from an Engineering Firm. As a manager of a Utility, there are times when I need an answer to a question or problem right away. Andy and his staff always are easily contacted and respond in a very acceptable timely manner."
David Richardson
Camden Water Utilities, Manager


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